Cyber ExploitationProtecting Your Networks & Systems

The threat of cyber exploitation (CyE), including cyber espionage, is very real – and it’s not limited to government agencies. The information systems at U.S. public and private sector organizations are probed millions of times every day by cyber criminals, terrorists, hackers and foreign intelligence organizations.

Unfortunately, a successful cyber operation against our critical infrastructure or financial networks could have a devastating impact on national security and public safety, and wreak havoc on our economy.


Meeting the CyE Threat

The rapidly evolving threat landscape presents a complex challenge. G2 Global Solutions’ expertise in this area can help you stay one step ahead of the cyber criminals who seek to compromise your organization’s security and well-being.

The cyber exploitation lifecycle follows a predictable pattern of activities, from establishing cyber capability to disseminating the compromised information. G2 Global Systems follow an intuitive method based on this lifecycle in order to meet the CyE threat. This understanding of the CyE lifecycle process helps clients identify and understand adversarial activity and enhances predictive analysis.

Our comprehensive analysis begins by identifying and isolating activity in the four cyber exploitation attack vectors: remote attacks, proximity attacks, insider attacks and supply chain attacks. Activity is then looked at from the adversary’s perspective, and this insight is used to facilitate a “kill chain” strategy.

G2 Global Solutions’ understanding of CyE can help you:

Monitor and protect networks and systems

Identify and understand adversarial activity

Recognize indicators, warnings, anomalies, trends and patterns

Enhance predictive analysis

Identify intelligence gaps